How many times have you scorched your clothes and thought how careless and reckless you really are. Isn’t it annoying not being able to  wear your favorite outfit before a date or a formal dinner only because you scorched it while ironing?

Clothes irons are monsters. They leave no chance to have you humiliated in front of your boss in your scorched dress-shirt or pants or worse in your half and recklessly ironed wrinkled shirt. Your $20 shirt looks like a $5 shirt. Wrinkles are an office-hazard. They devour not only your reputation but your entire future.

Well, worry no longer. There’s always a solution and avoid wrinkles on your clothes. Pandora indeed successfully left behind the evils but with that evil, hope too escaped and believe it or not hope runs the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have the garment steamers. For those of you who do not know what a garment steamer is well, it is a magical device for quick removal of monstrous wrinkles.

Why Steamers and not irons?

Basically, both the garment steamer and the irons were created for the same purpose – killing the wrinkles. Both have the ability to release steam yet both differ in many ways.

Irons scorch the clothes whereas steamers do not simply because these magical devices take out the stubborn wrinkles without making contact with the garment. It’s pretty much like a swinging the wand saying “abracadabra” and it’s done. Irons, on the other hand, are another story which involves much handwork and your constant attention or you burn the cloth. Irons to be more precise are rather risky if compared to garment steamers. Besides, in a world as busy as ours nobody has time  to invest in ironing clothes hence, steamers are an ideal choice.

Irons aren’t for the delicate and fragile fabrics, there’s always the uncertainty of scorching them and again that’s where the steamers come in. Steamers are a perfect choice for fabrics such as polyester, satin, and silk.

Steamers for Charity purposes and fundraising

Yes, you read it right. Now that you’re going to buy a garment steamer anyway, why not buy it from organizations or charity groups that sell them for fundraising. A win-win situation for all parties involved you, the seller and the people charity will go to. However, if you have any steamers at your end and you no longer need those you can always sell them away at secondhand shops for charity purposes. As a matter of fact, many charity shops also use garment steamers to give the second-hand clothes a new look. And if you are none other than a charity shop owner you may want to check ProPress. They offer reasonable discounts for steamers registered for Charity purposes.

Many websites and many organizations deal with the buying and selling of second-hand stuff for fundraising.

Below is the list of sites that sell both new and second-hand stuff. They feature electronics to house appliances to furniture etc.













Selling garment steamer to raise funds for charity