Smoking often represents a world of myth and mystery for would charcoal smokers. The complexities of southern barbecue cuisine with its hard-core group of dedicated grillers can be intimidating yet alluring. What better venue for a charity event than one suffused by that elusive sweet aroma drifting from charcoal grills.


Humans have been smoking meat for millennia. Barbequing is one of our original communal activities. Real barbecue where meat is cooked at low temperatures over hot goals leaves plenty of time for communal discussion of issues and problem affecting the community.It’s one of the original charity fundraising event formats.


When you’re gathered around a bank of charcoal smokers for a cause, there is nothing quite like the aroma of smoke wafting on the breeze, sweet with the promise of mouth-watering flavors to come. The rising popularity of Southern barbecue has fuelled a renewed interest in smoking. While smoking meat takes a little finesse, anyone with a charcoal grill can master the technique with a little perseverance.

Cook-off themed fundraisers are rightly popular. They have proven to be a fun and entertaining way to fundraise while raising the sponsoring organization’s community profile. The highly social nature of a charcoal smoking creates plenty of opportunities for building relationships between individual donors, volunteers and corporate supporters and of course with the local community!

The most effective way to use charcoal smokers for a cause is to organize cook-offs involving teams who grill epic quantities of their favorite smoked recipes for judging. The results of their labors are then sold or given away to participants to sample. Teams pay to enter, participants pay to attend, prizes are awarded for a range of categories and everyone goes home happy, contented and very, very full!

Hot Tips For A Smoking Hot Charity Fundraiser

  1. Start with the smokers(Check this comparison here): Tap into your network and see who will come to the party. You will be surprised how many furtive smokers are out there
  1. Plan, plan, plan: Give yourself plenty of time to pre-sell tickets to your charity event. That will give you a feel for numbers. From there you will be able to estimate how much food you need to supply
  1. Get lots of help: Don’t be backward in coming forward with please for help. You will be pleasantly surprised how enthusiastic your community will be in turning out to assist.
  1. Make sauce and marinades: There’s a fair interval between getting started and serving up. Use the time to prepare some barbecue sauce and marinades for sales – it’s a great way to get the kids involved too
  1. Go plain: Not everyone likes marinades so leave some unadorned for those who prefer to add their own sauce, mustards or relishes.

parker2The Meat Is The Hero

The charcoal smokers for a cause are the heroes of the day. Wrap your fundraising event around the smoking process, complement the cooking with demonstrations of smoking techniques, display different types of smokers and different type of wood. Whether your charity event has a bank of the team competing cheerfully or just one or two dedicated samaritans lending a hand for a good cause, you can be sure nature’s natural flavors will work their magic on your crowd and their wallets and your organization will have your perfect fundraising charity barbecue.



Putting The Charity Into Charcoal Smoking