Sharing happiness is a project for a humanitarian cause. Its aim is to raise awareness of communicable and lifestyle diseases through early diagnosis and timely treatment. The table tennis foundation has been the main humanitarian organization to support other minor organizations by raising funds through the sport. The proceeds from the tournaments support the cause. Since its inception, the number of beneficiaries increases by 20 percent annually. The diseases include dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and stress-related illnesses.

Why Ping Pong?

The sport enhances physical and mental fitness. These are lifestyle diseases, the foundation creates awareness of healthy living through the active participation of the infected in table tennis. All the proceeds from the tournaments support table tennis foundation programs since they have the structures to raise awareness of healthy living through sport.

Ping Pong for charity promotes the health benefits of playing table tennis. Some of the benefits include brain stimulation, cognitive development, brain fitness, improve alertness and concentration. These are to save the future generation from stress-related illnesses as a result of successful management of life challenges. It popularizes the sport not only as a sports career but also as a fitness strategy among the young and the old.

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Raising funds

Apart from the tournaments, the foundation runs online donations through different online payments systems to support the cause. The events are held annually, all the stakeholders in table tennis are involved in helping raise funds and create awareness among the public

Charity programs

The foundation runs different charity programs with the aim of raising fund and awareness on behavioral change to reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases. Some of the programs include charity walks, cycling, and ping pong tournaments. They help involve the public in their programs.

It also has a different category of a sponsor who is also actively involved in the foundation activities. The categories include gold sponsors, silver sponsor, and bronze sponsor. There are also individuals who come up to support the cause.


The foundation has various partnerships with education institutions like schools to curb the young population and nurture their talent while solving their brain-related challenges. Charities also use good table tennis rackets for under $50 and robots to improve your game []. In addition, they have volunteer programs to bring professionals in various fields on board to support the programs. Religious institutions are not left out either; as victims seek spiritual guidance the clergy also advocates for physical fitness.

Ping Pong has proved to have positive effects on human health. It is a cheap sport, which requires less expensive equipment. The programs also act as a social networking platform for all the stakeholders in the charity industry. Their mission is to reduce the mortality rate from lifestyle diseases through healthy living and playing table tennis for physical fitness.

Play Ping Pong for a cause