paris-photo-contestThe photography contest is one great way of raising funds for a noble mission. There are various ways to raise funds.  Once you have made a decision to run a photography contest give people ample time at least eight weeks to plan and prepare. If you give it a shorter preparation period embarks on massive marketing to increase the number of participants, otherwise, it might not be successful. Technology offers the best platform for marketing, use the latest Customer Relationship Management tools to reach out to a wider audience for participation. Do not limit the competition to physical presence; also have categories for an online contest. It adds monetary value to the event. Other factors to consider include

Entry fees

Entry fee is a better way to collect funds. However, if the fee is too high you may get few people and you might not achieve your target for the contest. Put a reasonable amount affordable for all. How do you know the amount is affordable? Once you post about the contest on your social media page, you will get reactions; from there you can gauge their thoughts on pricing. Take care of jokers as well. You can opt free entry. The main advantage is a large participation, which gives you emails for your database for future events which you can choose to charge.

Duration of the photo contest

The duration of the contest should not be too long such that participants may tend to forget. People love last minute rushes, put a reasonable time –less than two months is ideal. The end of the contest should be the time when everyone if relaxed at home and they can sit on their computers to concentrate on the contest. During the day, people are busy with their daily hassles, getting time may not be possible.

Calendar events of your target audience

When you are running a photo contest targeting school children ensure the contest date is around holidays to increase participation but if you are targeting schools, regular school hours is ideal. Plan your date and time as you consider the schedule of your target market.

Photo contest marketing

The overall aim of the contest is to raise funds. This is possible when you reach out to your audience at the right time. Use different marketing strategies to ensure you reach out to them.

Social media marketing

The social media platforms are the cheapest way to market a product. To add value to the event, use subscription marketing to boost your post and inform your followers about the contest.


If you have to Email subscribers you can run, an Email marketing campaign to ensure the message reaches your target audience

Traditional advertisement platforms like TV, radio and newspapers should not be ignored; they also command a big percentage of your audience.

The first photography contest might be challenging but it acts as a stepping-stone to future successful contests. Study the dynamics of your target audience and tailor your contest to match their needs. Let them know the requirements like camera and laptop to edit photos using their laptop.(

Photography Contest for Fundraising