Toilets Being Auctioned


Auction sites aren’t just limited to expensive art works of famous painters, vintage cars from the 1900s, and artifacts dug from ancient civilizations. It can be a variety of beds, shoes, televisions, and even toilets. You might be surprised how many people would buy for these seemingly ridiculous things. Take, for example, these really expensive toilets auctioned that were fetched for enormous prices.

John Lennon’s Toilet – $14, 740

A few days ago, a toilet owned by the famous John Lennon was able to raise almost $15, 000 during an auction. In 1980, a lot of people were shocked by John Lennon’s sudden death. But few years before he died, he had the porcelain toilet taken away from the Tittenhurst Park located in the south of England, where he stayed between the years of 1969 and 1971. It was then replaced with the new one.

The workers who removed the said white and blue toilet were requested to place some flowers or “something” on it. One of the builders, John Hancock, died 40 years after he started keeping his shed. That resulted for the lavatory to be auctioned. The toilet itself was part of the Beatles collectibles bought at auction as a part of the Beatle week celebration held in Liverpool, which is also the singing group’s native urban in Northwestern England. The statement of the items before the auctioned was from 750 to 1, 000 GBP. A lot of organizers of the auction were surprised themselves for the price it was able to raise.

Spitalfields Toilet – $2.08 Million

A vendor in London demands around $2 million for an old public lavatory. The restroom itself can be found underground, with a total space of 55 sq. ft. Back in 1998, it was then renovated to be used as a night club. However, the Public Life, which is obviously the name of the establishment, become an infamous spot for individuals looking for some hit. In 2012, the police raided the place and considered the business close.

Back in 2000, they also put the place in an auction, selling it 3x lesser than the price they’re offering right now. While the latest let ad listed the property with a rent of $79,000 annually.

Charlestown Public Toilet – $75, 000 – $95, 000

On the Cornish coast, there are several properties you can choose from that have great views of the sea. However, one exceptional toilet has said to have a breathtaking view from its 502 sq. ft. space. The auction manager has mentioned that it can be a great opportunity to make it to a family home or holiday house, through a complete renovation.

Charlestown has been famous for its panoramic locations, commonly featured in television shows and films like the famous Dr. Who.

18-karat-gold Toilet

Maurizio Cattelan is currently putting an 18-karat-gold toilet, which is different from his past works. We don’t exactly know the price, but it’s obviously quiet expensive. And instead of a bathroom, the said piece will be displayed in a bathroom. It’s a completely functional functioning toilet which will be used in the public. This golden toilet was originally scrapped from one of the yachts of Hitler found in New Jersey. It was sold for not more than $5, 000.

Why spend that much for a toilet when you can buy a cheaper one? Let say for example; American STD is one of the top brand of toilet you can get. It is a “wallet-friendly” toilet with features that allow you to replace toilet seats and flushing mechanism. There is a lot more to choose from!

So before spending too much money with a toilet, better check toilet comparison to make sure it is worth your money.

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3 Ideas to Getting More Money for Fundraising


Begging money may sound easy, but it’s not. For people to give you money, you have to give them a compelling reason. For successful fundraising events, here are three great tips that we would like to share with you.


You want your donors to think that you can read their minds. You don’t have to actually learn how to be a mind reader, you just have to research each one of them. Aside from an individual research, you also have to research your donors as a whole.

Researching requires answered to be questioned. What type of words do your donors use? What story do they tell when they feel passionate? What do they care about must? What other charities are they involved in? Do they have a prior history of giving donations?

With our internet, it’s so easy to get information about your donors. So, therefore, take advantage of it and research as much as you can about them. You can ask your donors for answers, personally. However, you must know how read their answers.


If you want to connect your donor’s emotions to the main purpose of your fundraising event, powerful stories are one of the most effective ways. If your fundraising event does not have a brand or a story to symbolize your purpose, your donors won’t be able to visualize or completely perceive how righteous your purpose is. If your speaker has the capacity to make the audience connect with him/her (or a story) on an emotional level, they tend to toward holding your fundraising purpose. Therefore, never forget to share some heartwarming story to your donors, increasing your chances to get more donations for your charity.

Don’t waste your potential donors’ time during the fundraising event, use it to educate them about your cause, and showcase them the effect they can create by donating. You cause use photographs, videos, quotations, and even through pieces of artwork.

It’s also a great way to show them what their donations can accomplish. Giving the donors with real examples of the endgame of the money you’ll be raising and the impact it will have will give fulfillment to your donor, encouraging them to be regular donors for your next fundraising events.


You don’t have to have the same fundraising ideas as other charities. You can combine fun and humor to raising more money and getting more donors.

There are many ways you can be goofy. One is by rewarding your donors with a unique token of appreciation after donating. You can also aim silly, small objectives that come along with a consequence for the organizer, helping other people to donate to your cause. For example, you can tell them you’ll shave your 5-year-old beard if you reach $6, 000. Not only that, there are other organizations that impose consequences first, compelling individuals to donate to get rid of that consequence.