There are many charitable organizations today. It is our noble task to assist them to achieve their mission by supporting them. Buying a gift for such organizations is one way of offering them support. If you are thinking of buying a gift to a charitable organization that supports woodworkers, we have prepared you a list of gift ideas you can consider purchasing.

1. Powermatic 1792001K PM2000 Table Saw
This is one precious gift that you can give an organization that supports woodworkers. The table saw is very powerful as it is a heavy duty saw. It works in very little blade vibration and gives almost exact cuts on timber. The physical dimensions of the saw allow it to do great jobs for the woodworker.

This machine really helps the woodworker to save a lot of time as there is no use of hand saw. It also makes it possible to do a lot of work hence more earnings as it is highly efficient. 

2. A digitalized Tape Measure
A woodworker who is used to a normal tape measure will really be excited at the sight of this kind of a tape measure. Though seemingly simple, it is a great gift.

The tape measure assists the woodworker to save a lot of time taken in reading the calibrated lines. Again, the digital tape gives the woodworker a lot of exactness on measurements.

3. Laser Square
A laser square is a crucial tool for a woodworker for tiling and picture hanging among other projects. You might consider the gift idea since the tool is hard for the woodworker to have in many cases due to challenging financial situations.

The tool enables the woodworker to draw straight lines and highly accurate lines. It also assists them to measure the correct 90-degree to enhance their final product result.

4. Glue Applicator Kit
This is a gift idea you might consider for that charitable organization. The kit contains upgraded tools that make the traditional glue bottle work better. The attachments in this kit make glue application more appealing, uniform and smart.

5. Circular Saw
A circular saw is worth giving to a charitable organization for the care of the woodworker. This tool assists the woodworker to convert circular saw to table saw if need be. The saw assists the woodworker in cutting all kinds of wood for joinery, fittings and other purposes. 

6. SawStop ICS5123052 5Hp Industrial Cabinet Saw
This is a durable saw that is consistent, reliable in performance and very tactical in the industrial working. The saw has a 52-inch T-Glide fence system that smoothens its working and gives it precision.

The woodworker will benefit from the speed of the cabinet saw. In addition, it’s highly durable hence a long-time service to the woodworker.

Financially-challenged woodworkers may not be able to purchase these modern woodworking tools required in their work. Giving one of the tools as gifts to a charitable organization means a lot to them as it is a direct way of meeting their needs. The tools assist them in carrying out their daily jobs hence earning an income to support themselves.

Gift Ideas For Charitable Organizations Who Support Woodworkers