Are you thinking about how to get volunteers in your charity organization get more engaged? If you are truly interested in this, you have to get the information you need so you can make more people happy and at the same time do something good for the world.

It is very challenging for charity organizations to retain volunteers because of the fact they are volunteers, they can just come and go in the organization. This is where the activities for volunteers play a very important role.

Air hockey is such a simple activity that can be played by anyone and is a great activity for volunteers to enjoy. Why not organize an air hockey competition for them? All you need for it to happen is the venue, the equipment and of course the volunteers.

Venue. The venue can be indoor or outdoor. If indoors, make sure that there is enough space for the following: air hockey tables, chairs for those who will watch the games, area for food and drinks for everyone. There may also be venues that already have air hockey tables which could be a convenient option because you will just go there no need to prepare everything. On the other hand, if outdoors, you will have to find a suitable location with enough space for the air hockey tables, area for food and drinks for everyone, chair for those who just want to watch and umbrellas/tents just in case it rains or if it’s too hot.

Equipment. To play air hockey, you will need paddles, puck, and the air hockey table. If you will need to buy those, it is best that you read some honest reviews online about what is the best air hockey equipment depending on the features that you will prefer. Make sure that there is enough number of the above-mentioned equipment or else the volunteers will be bored. The quality of the equipment also is very important because it can affect the games. You would not want to experience having paddles getting damaged after a few games don’t you? So invest in great quality equipment.

Volunteers. As a charitable organization, your volunteers play a very important role because they are the ones who keep the advocacy of the organization alive. Make sure that the volunteers are comfortable by providing them with food and refreshments. There must be also an area where they can sit to watch other games or rest after their games. Make sure to engage with them so they will feel as if they really belong in the organization and have them mingle with other volunteers too.

As a charity organization, you should also make sure that the volunteering experience of the volunteers are great that they will become advocates. Strengthening the relationships of your volunteers is a must and you have to find some activities that can do that. Organizing an air hockey competition is just

Air Hockey Competition For Charity Volunteers