Why Volunteer for Charity Work?


One of the many reasons why people give donations to charities is because of inspiration. An individual can be encouraged to give because he or she reads a story about the person who’ll be receiving. Some are inspired to give because of the inspirational donation stories of other people.

A Special Delivery for Special People


Lynn and her 10-year-old daughter Riley Christensen were snuggled on their family computer to check some bikes online, deciding to pick one for their dad.

While browsing to one of the websites, a link to a certain video caught her attention, leading her to click it. Upon watching the video, she realized it was made by an organization that offers uniquely engineered bikes for individuals with disabilities—showing faces of the beneficiaries of different ages and various conditions.

Riley, upon seeing the video told her mom that she wants to buy a bicycle for one of the kids in the video. 2 days later, Lynn presented Riley a letter, asking for donations to be able to buy the bike.

Obviously, her mother liked the idea. But since it wasn’t an ordinary bike, it could cost her approximately $4, 000 to be able to buy one. And even though it may be impossible, she passed the letters to more than 70 relatives and friends. After three days, she was beginning to receive donations. Christmas came, and more donations arrive at their door. It was almost Christmas when she was able to save around $12, 000, enough to buy 7 normal bikes.

During the Christmas Eve, she wore a Santa hat and delivered the bicycles herself to the three lucky kids who will be receiving it, Ava (13 years old), Jenny (15 years old) and Rose (4 years old).

The Angel of Christmas

Christmas Angel

Delwyn Collins was one of the kids growing in the projects of Fort Worth, Texas. Considered as an incapacitated individual, along with his learning disability, there was no other choice but to send him to a special education school, the teachers never guessed that he will be a caring expert.

Today, he works in a cafeteria of the Tampa General Hospital. He has become an angel to countless foster kids in Hillsborough Country of Florida. Every Christmas, he would put up a Christmas tree where children can wish what they want to have.

Although he doesn’t earn much, he makes sure to save some of his weekly salaries to buy the gifts the children want and put them under the Christmas tree. This genuine act was able to inspire doctors, nurses, and administrators in the hospital. Now, he doesn’t have to buy the gifts for himself, since the hospital staff makes it a habit of picking one kid from the tree. Now, it has been receiving donations throughout the country.

He teaches us that whether we’re poor or rich, we have the responsibility to help one another because there is always someone who is in a worse position than us.





Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization giving donations to charities as an emotional act to assist those in need.

Why volunteer for a charity?

Among the various reasons we donate to charities is due to inspiration. One can be motivated to give after reading an emotional story about the one who’ll be receiving. Others are motivated to give because they are inspired by the stories of people who donate.

How can I donate?

You donate by either calling, online, or mailing our donation form.

Is there a receipt for my donation?

After processing your donation, you’ll receive a receipt and a confirmation letter to keep for your records.

Will my donation be effectively used?

Cape Fear Area United Way is conceited to share with you our charitable commitment rating determined by the percentage of total product and financial donations dedicated to programs.

Who supports cfauw?

The cfauw network relies on corporate, foundation, and individual support to fund charities nationwide.

How will I be removed from the mailing list?

It’s simple. Just contact us online or give us a call to request removal.

How do I unsubscribe from the email list?

Click the unsubscribe button at the end of any email we have sent, or contact us to request removal.

Electronic Cigar Users with Medical Benefits to Help Charity Works

Every guy at least once in his life, dreams of having a Cigar while being at one of the most exotic locales in the world. That’s the power of Cigars, but the luxury of having one in your hand is rear. Also smoking a Cigar is not a good option in terms of healthy living. What if you can enjoy the same Cuban flavor, without consuming any tobacco?

The Cuvana a-Cigar is the answer to your dream. A disposable, ready to use, a cigar with zero tobacco and clean Cuban flavor will be your best companion for holidays and leisure time. It uses the smart chip-based technology, which is patented by the company making it the best available option in the market. The Cuvana e-Cigar comes with a rechargeable and durable battery for extensive use. Also, it is known for its longevity with approximately 1,800 puffs and 2a years of shelf life available with every electronic cigar. These e-Cigars also provide you with the option of controlling the nicotine level you consume with variants like Omg, 12 mg, and 18mg.

If we talk about Electronic Cigar Medical Benefits, then the whole product value goes even higher. Medically these e-Cigars are very safe and have no adverse effect on your health. Therefore the value for money that the Cuvana a-Cigar offers makes it a very high on demand product.

The advantages of e-Cigar over cigarettes —

  1. Tobacco-free products
  2. Create no smoke
  3. Controllable nicotine levels that you consume
  4. Contains no odor, that cigarettes leave after consumption
  5. Amazing aroma
  6. Clean &, sweet Cuban Flavor
  7. Ready to use, can be consumed anywhere.

These are some handful of advantages of e-Cigar over cigarettes out of many available. The biggest being the benefits of them being of no harm medically to the consumer and thus you can smoke as many e-Cigars as you want, without having any bad health issues. Another advantage of e-Cigar over cigarettes is that these cigars can also be consumed during rains, as they have no chance of getting damaged due to water, just like cigarettes do.
In today’s competitive and fast-paced world, having perfect health is a necessity to survive. The Cuvana e-Cigars give the option to enjoy the luxury, have an amazing experience and look extremely cool without any damage to the consumer’s body. Additionally, the Cuvana e-Cigar has an orange led tip to it, which makes it stylish and look like an authentic Cuban cigar. Cuvana e-Cigars come in various packaging from a single cigar to packs of 5, 10 and 20 cigars.

Life is a full circle, we all end up to the same point where we started from Now you can go on a great holiday to your desired exotic locale and have that Cuban Cigar with you too. Cuvana e-Cigars come to you with lots of pros and high-value benefits. Plus it is affordable as compared to its competition. So just enjoy every occasion with style and the satisfaction of electronic cigar medical benefits.

Effect of climate change for real estate condo construction for the homeless

The real estate business is a thriving business in the current world. Population growth and rural-urban migration alleviate the growth. Climate change, on the other hand, is a controversial debate with varied insights, research, and finding. Although it is evident that there are changes in climate patterns in the recent past, in condo construction, wood is the main raw material in the roofing. Due to climate change, there is a decrease in the number of trees due to deforestation. This has led to an increase in demand for wood and a further increase in prices. The condo business is now left for big companies with huge infrastructure but for startups, it is a big challenge.

Water is a commodity necessity in the combo construction since the designs come out the best in the real estate industry. It is a natural resource which is directly affected by climate change. When there is the imbalance in the hydrological cycle, then be sure the water table will be affected hence the scarcity of water. How will people meet the rising demand for combo housing?

The reduction in the water table affects the production of electricity in countries that depend on hydroelectric power generation. The country will have no option but to ration the power to residential areas where construction is taking place. This affects the productivity of the housing. You find that a house which could be constructed with $1000 will be higher and will go for a longer time. The ripple effect is a scarcity of residential and commercial housing units which increases the amount of rent or leasing fees.

This raises the standard of living of a nation. Politicians will take advantage of this and start movements and revolutions to put the government of the day to task for poor governance, yet the whole problem started with changes in weather and climate patterns.

Climate change and global warming and key parameters of environmental conservation. As long as there is a change in climate the temperature and pressure systems are affected. This further affects the ozone layer, the heat reaching the earth’s surface come with high intensity hence leading to an influx of diseases to increased terrestrial radiation. There will be reduced production since the working population will have poor health. Who will work in the combo construction site?

The health of citizens should be a government priority. One of the customers had this to say “I love the Aston Martin Condo!” that is a clear indication of the great milestones among households. What is condo construction look at some of this beautiful architectural designs and insights in the industry here www.miamirealestatetrends.com/new-construction

Climate change is a broad aspect of life that affects all spheres of the economy. The real estate business thrives in an environment with good governance; there is the availability of capital and constant flow of raw materials which are mostly from the natural resources that are directly affected by climate change. To ensure climate change is not a subject of activism, let industries prevent the production of hydrocarbon to the environment as well as regulation of human activities on the physical environment.

The Benefits of Infrared Saunas for Volunteers Scholars and Educators

Asia Association for Global Studies
The Asia Association for Global Studies is working hard to take the field of global studies to a new level. This organization has a lot of educators and scholars from all parts of Asia, and they are very proud of these at all times. The Asia Association for Global Studies is working on the impact that globalization is having on Asia. The international status of this part of the world is an important field of research that they are working on, and they are very good at it. Team members also work in other parts of the world and in other themes giving them the support they need to do what they have to do over time. The innovative research of this institution is remarkable as they thrive to create the alternative perspective the world needs on international issues. Dissolving the traditional academic boundaries is what the Asia Association for Global Studies is all about, and they use a cross-disciplinary approach at all times too. They work hard to relate any local event to a wider process that is happening on a global scale.

Now with all the work the members are doing, they will no doubt experience mental and physical stress. That’s when a good infrared sauna will come into use. This will provide the much needed physical and psychological relief for Asia Global Studies Association members. We have listed below the most important benefits of infrared sauna, and they will truly benefit a lot from it down the line. From relaxation to pain relief, an infrared sauna will allow you to truly get the tons of benefits you want from these types of machines. Therefore, read on to find out more.

Detoxification and Relaxation
An infrared sauna will allow you to get the high level of detoxification that you have been seeking for a long time. In fact, you can eliminate up to 7 times more toxins when you use these types of saunas compared to their Swedish counterparts. An infrared sauna will allow you to relax your body. How? Well, this type of sauna will work hard to balance the level of cortisol in your body. This is the most important stress hormone out there, and that is just part of the fun. Your muscles will be relaxed by the heat. These types of saunas will allow you to lose weight quickly and easily by making your heart work harder. This increases the heart rate which will allow you to lose weight by lowering the temperature of your body.

Remember that an infrared sauna will allow you to get all the relaxation in the world — just chill  and you will truly love this. There are also additional benefits of using an infrared sauna out there such as weight loss. Yes, you can lose weight right away too. These types of saunas will allow you to purify your skin, and this is something that you have to take into consideration at all times. You should get the better circulation you want down the line, and that is just part of the package. The detoxification of your body will also be a reality.

Table Saws Do Not Have Any Effect in Climate Change so its safe to do charity works

We live in a beautiful, fascinating planet, with huge green spaces and undulating hills, high mountains and endless plains, vast oceans, and numerous lakes. A precious place, the only one we have available to live and therefore we must take great care of.

Unfortunately, however, over the years, with the modern era, the introduction and spread of plastic, the invention of cars with their uncontrolled combustion of harmful exhaust gases, the use of deodorants and spray cans, the fumes produced by various industries, especially chemical, have caused that our country has undergone negative changes, first of all, and ‘without doubt the phenomenon of global warming, and a change in the global climate, characterized by an increase in average temperatures of the Earth’s surface, which began in the twentieth century and is still ongoing.

Due to the release into the atmosphere of a very high quantity of gas, the average temperature has increased in recent years by 0.18 degrees Celsius, and not only does gas like deforestation, it has contributed to the warming of the climate in an irreversible way, which has devastating consequences for our planet, the main one being the melting of the ice, which also has an impact on a decrease in the drinking water available to us. Another negative repercussion is the overheating and rising of the oceans, because of which many marine species are now at risk of extinction. even the desertification that advances inexorably seems to be caused by this phenomenon. given the disastrous consequences, then, starting a few years ago, environmentalists began a real campaign, to raise awareness among people, but especially the big industries to this problem.

A real boycott of those products that affect global warming has begun, such as, for example, spray deodorants, the reduction of the use of fossil fuels by encouraging the use of alternative energy sources such as water, solar and wind power. We also try to reduce the harmful effects produced by the use of machinery, in this regard many manufacturing industries have committed to begin production of machinery that does not cause damage to the environment, and, in a country covered for the most part by trees, one of these machines is the table saw, a very used tool which today can ‘also boast the characteristic of being “friend of the environment”. It’s the object undoubtedly more used not only by professional carpenters but also in the field of “do-it-yourself” because it is convenient to use, serves to engrave and cut the wood. The main part of this tool is the serrated blade of circular shape.

There are two main types of saws, the portable one and the table saw: the first model is lighter, easier to handle and therefore suitable to be transported where we like, the second model has a fixed seat and is able to cut the wood in a more precise way; on the market we can find many models, suitable for all needs, for the smallest one for domestic use, for the largest and most powerful one, suitable instead for construction and industrial use. Whatever the model, the table saw has an electric power supply, without the emission of any gas or waste substance that may in some way be responsible for climate change, so we can use this tool whenever we need it, without being afraid that this may cause problems to our beloved planet. fortunately, not only table saws can boast this feature but more and more objects now work with alternative energy sources, in complete respect of the environment.

Volunteerism in Humanity

People are endowed with different wealth and successes. It makes no sense of owning too much when someone somewhere wholly lacks even a basic need. This is the gap that Non-Governmental Organization fill to help the less fortunate in the society.

They may just have the materials but lack the capital to pay wages hence a stipend comes in handy to sustain volunteers who go out of their way to ensure they achieve the goals of the organizations.

Volunteerism comes in the form of material or human resource. The human resource volunteerism means that they work for the organization without any payment. The Red Cross Society volunteers is a global organization which runs one of the worldwide volunteer programs. Every organization has different policies when it comes to dealing with volunteers. If you want to join any of the organization, make an application and get all the details which include accommodation and nature of the work such that you prove if its line with your schedule.



In some case, it could just be short-term in which it is only your services that are required. An example is a medical mission where doctor volunteers come in handy to offer medical services in a particular community.

We have had cases where the volunteers have come up and built a hospital as a long-term solution to a health program. A simple medical camp escalated to a mission hospital to enhance the therapeutic development goals.

You must also consider the government policy of that host country so that you do things legally, and it prevents any court battles and fines which might drain the finances of the organization.

The other form of volunteerism id through material donation. In this case, they may opt to personally go to the target beneficiaries and give out the donation in person.

Alternatively, they look for a whole organization which they channel all the donation and the entire work I left to the experts to check how it reaches the beneficiaries.

The benefits of volunteerism to humanity include

Boosts your confidence
You have a chance to showcase your skills and practice them. It is through this exercise that you realize that you have the potential to handle somethings which boosts your confidence.

Make a difference
Humanity is a delicate discipline such that when you are part f making a difference in someone’s life in itself is satisfactory.

social interaction
This is a chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds right from the volunteers as well as the community you are serving. It widens your level of thought and reasoning with a choice of looking at life from a positive angle and appreciating what you have however little- others lack at all.

In one’s lifetime, you must look at last more volute to have a complete lifestyle. It gives you a chance to take part in positively brightening someone’s life- it makes you happy and satisfied. At the same time, you will learn new skills in the process of making a difference. These skills come in handy to enhance your knowledge which you might use in your future life.

3 Ideas to Getting More Money for Fundraising


Begging money may sound easy, but it’s not. For people to give you money, you have to give them a compelling reason. For successful fundraising events, here are three great tips that we would like to share with you.


You want your donors to think that you can read their minds. You don’t have to actually learn how to be a mind reader, you just have to research each one of them. Aside from an individual research, you also have to research your donors as a whole.

Researching requires answered to be questioned. What type of words do your donors use? What story do they tell when they feel passionate? What do they care about must? What other charities are they involved in? Do they have a prior history of giving donations?

With our internet, it’s so easy to get information about your donors. So, therefore, take advantage of it and research as much as you can about them. You can ask your donors for answers, personally. However, you must know how read their answers.


If you want to connect your donor’s emotions to the main purpose of your fundraising event, powerful stories are one of the most effective ways. If your fundraising event does not have a brand or a story to symbolize your purpose, your donors won’t be able to visualize or completely perceive how righteous your purpose is. If your speaker has the capacity to make the audience connect with him/her (or a story) on an emotional level, they tend to toward holding your fundraising purpose. Therefore, never forget to share some heartwarming story to your donors, increasing your chances to get more donations for your charity.

Don’t waste your potential donors’ time during the fundraising event, use it to educate them about your cause, and showcase them the effect they can create by donating. You cause use photographs, videos, quotations, and even through pieces of artwork.

It’s also a great way to show them what their donations can accomplish. Giving the donors with real examples of the endgame of the money you’ll be raising and the impact it will have will give fulfillment to your donor, encouraging them to be regular donors for your next fundraising events.


You don’t have to have the same fundraising ideas as other charities. You can combine fun and humor to raising more money and getting more donors.

There are many ways you can be goofy. One is by rewarding your donors with a unique token of appreciation after donating. You can also aim silly, small objectives that come along with a consequence for the organizer, helping other people to donate to your cause. For example, you can tell them you’ll shave your 5-year-old beard if you reach $6, 000. Not only that, there are other organizations that impose consequences first, compelling individuals to donate to get rid of that consequence.